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OFFICIAL BID NOTICE RIDGEBURY TOWNSHIP Sealed and separate bids will be received by the Township Supervisors on or before Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 7:00pm, and opened shortly thereafter at the meeting being held at the Ridgebury Township Municipal Building, 13278 Berwick Turnpike, Gillett, PA. Bids are being received for the following: A one year contract with a start date of September 7, 2017 and end date of September 1, 2018 for ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and 86 Oct NL gas to be delivered to the Township garage as needed during the year. Bid price shall specify Rack pricing plus margin and shall specify what rack fuel comes from. All bids must be on a Ridgebury Township Bid Form, sealed and addressed to Ridgebury Township, 13278 Berwick Turnpike, Gillett, PA 16925 and must indicate on the outside of the envelope the type of bid being submitted. The successful bidder shall be required to furnish a bond guaranteeing performance of the contract within twenty (20) days after the contract has been awarded. Specifications, bidding forms, and all necessary information may be secured at the Ridgebury Township Office, 570-596--2731 or email at The Board of Supervisors of Ridgebury Township reserves the right to reject any or all bids. All bids must be received by Wednesday, September 6, 2017 before 7:00pm. Tammi Talada, Ridgebury Township Secretary 4,20aug,c - Ad Link


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