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Why no notification? I’m calling from Warren Center and I would like to know why we are not notified if they are going to be spraying for insects. Some people have bees and some people are allergic to the spray. More...


Uveitis is inflammation of the middle eye


DEAR DR. ROACH: For the past several months, I’ve had problems in my right eye. The eye was bloodshot and painful, and vision was blurry. I was diagn osed with uveitis, and the doctors didn’t know why i t hap - pened. More...


White House rolling out red carpet for Pope Francis

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Pope Francis arrives on his first-ever visit to the United States, he will be welcomed in a way that few world leaders have: with President Barack Obama waiting at the bottom of the airplane stairs to greet him.  More...


Do you believe the new Veterans Affair bill signed by President Trump will help overhaul the agency and allow veterans easier access?