2017-04-12 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 12, 2017

Saving teachers

If the Sayre students want to save teacher positions, they shouldn’t be protesting at the school. Carry your signs outside Tina Pickett’s office. Until the state funds education fairly, school boards have no choice but to cut non-required programs. And if the school board wanted to bring about a change, they should announce that they’re going to cut sports programs first. Voters would go crazy.

Who golfed more?

In 81 days as president, Donald Trump has gone golfing 17 times. In his first 81 days in office, Obama golfed zero times. At his present rate, Donald Trump will spend more on golf outings in the first year of his presidency that the Obama family spent on vacations in eight years. Donald Trump has never had to consider the cost of anything in his life. Why would he start now?

Remote viewing

There are a number of YouTube feeds where you can watch eagles in their nests, hatching, feeding and caring for their chicks in real time. Going on right now, live, 24 hours a day. Let’s hope people leave the Ulster eagles alone and let them raise their chicks without interference. They’re not exactly a rarity here any more.

Military mishap?

President Trump is now zero for two on his military actions. The latest fiasco, an unconstitutional missile strike on a Syrian airbase, damaged nothing, and left the airbase back in full operational mode in less than 24 hours. He didn’t seek Congressional approval, as is required unless America’s safety and security are directly threatened, but he informed Russia so they could inform Assad. Distraction from dismal poll numbers and ongoing FBI investigation?


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