2017-04-14 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 14, 2017

Leave the eagles alone

To find the location and directions on how to find the eagles’ nest on the front page of the newspaper is alarming. Last year the idiots viewing the nest left a trail of trash all over the area. Yesterday, while driving by, the trash is accumulating again. What is the sense of viewing the nest and then trashing the area? Stop the ridiculousness. And don’t forget that a local from that area was arrested for selling illegal animal parts.

Make River Road great again

We would like to know why River Road in Waverly, N.Y. can not get funding by the state to fix it like they did a few years back when they made it one way. If one or more of the counties involved would have done the repairs like they should have for the people who live on this road and those who fish the Chemung River, bike and hike on this road, and even enjoy watching the eagles and beavers . . . (they) can continue to enjoy the Chemung River and continue use of River Road. Get the funding so they can enjoy River Road again.

No Sound Off? Keep it off.

Just read (Tuesday’s) paper and not a single statement from the regular Sound Off gang. Thank you.

Wally the intern says: When things get busy around here, Sound Off becomes a low priority. Now that we have some time to populate this again — well, I’m sorry.

Giving back

There is a group of children cleaning up the Third Ward Playground (in Towanda) right now (Thursday morning). I just think that’s wonderful and since all those that participate in sports get so much recognition, I wanted to recognize these kids too.

Wally the intern says: With how tough it can sometimes be to get kids to clean their own room, this is definitely something worth recognizing.

Saved by the language barrier

Every time I start to think it’s not possible for Donald Trump to sound any more ignorant than he has so far, he finds some way to prove me wrong. I’ve come to envy the people of the world who can’t speak or understand English. Maybe they still have some respect for our country.

Re: Towanda’s additional principal position

Just a few questions from a reader of the article. How would it be better? Where will the money come from? How would the wage of the current superintendent be adjusted to reflect the change? What are the minimum qualifications? Why have a separate person perform the duties when currently it is the responsibility of the superintendent. Perhaps the “principal of academic affairs” duties could be divided between or among current staffing to avoid a new hire.


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