2017-04-16 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 16, 2017

Manage a merge

Because of declining student enrollment in the Sayre School District, teachers are being sent furlough notices. How about combining Sayre High School with Athens High School, then the Sayre High School can be part of Guthrie with offices or rehab rooms. The football field can be a huge parking lot, eliminating the ongoing parking problem in Sayre.

Time to stop

I see the Towanda School District might create an additional principal position. Well if the principal right now, I guess it’s elementary school, if they’re unable to do their job fully, maybe they need to hire a new principal. It’s getting tiresome with this Towanda School District. Every time you turn around they’re hiring someone new or they want something done around the school district. They need to stop adding more additions on the tax payers. We pay too much as it is. They need to stop.

Why not Wysox

Lets leave the Wysox name Wysox. Not Wysox Township. Wysox is an old Indian name, that’s what it’s supposed to be. If the people that changed to Towanda need to change to Wysox, just do it. There’s some people who just have too much time on their hands. They can’t leave anything alone.

RE Dustin Briggs

This is absolutely ridiculous on account of some foolish loophole. This guy murdered two deputies and was held a fair trial and now because of a loophole he’s going to spend life getting fed and housed and watching TV when he should have his just desserts. I feel bad for the families that have to deal with this. and it’s just a travesty.

Buddy Wolf

I think our friendly Democrats ought to go down to Harrisburg and talk to their buddy Wolf and see if he’s going to do something about our roads. He keeps raising our taxes and gas taxes, but I haven’t seen anything done about anything he said he was going to do. I think it’s time the Democrats get it together.

Towanda’s time

Career politicians, no jobs, traffic jams, oversized loads, and red lights that don’t work properly. It’s time for Towanda to make a serious change.

Do the work or get out

We already have more people than the taxpayers can afford. If the people we have can’t do a job, get rid of them and find someone that can do it.

Goodbye, Mr. Marino

That hard-workin’, Obamacare repealing, Tom Marino is off the to Brush administration. It figures. He didn’t do anything for the 10th district except meet with loyal, dyed-in-the-cloth Republicans anyway. Sixty times repealing a bill, and the clowns still can’t it right. Good riddance, Tom. We need a Congress critter that actually cares about people.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Susan Rice lying about Benghazi on numerous occasions where we had loss of American life. Lying about the surveillance of trump tower and private citizens. Then be reminded she lied when she said no chemical weapons in Syria. Again loss of innocent lives. Another black mark on the Obama legacy.

Be careful

America, be careful what you wish for. We took out Sadam Hussein and look what happened in Iran, we have a mess and we have ISIS. And now you’re talking about taking out the leader of Egypt, Sadat? Be careful what you wish for. You could end up in worse trouble than you are now, and we’re still in plenty of trouble. Look what happened in Iraq. We should be aware of consequences in taking out leaders that the united states has no business being involved in.

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