2017-04-17 / Sound Off

Sound Off, April 17, 2017

Willing worker

I am senior citizen with a janitorial business to help supplement my income. Would gladly offer my service to the proposed medical dispensary that maybe locating at the Bradford Towne Center. Sweeping up and taking out the stash — Oh excuse me I mean trash! “This bud is for you” and me!

Against the flow

Just when downtown Wyalusing is trying to come back and revitalize the downtown section, the Wyalusing School District decides to pull out and abandon their building there, and probably spend thousands more just to put it in a new location. I don’t know. We just can’t help ourselves.

Whose burden to bear

About the stop lights being hit in Wysox, I think it ought to be the responsibility of PennDOT if they build up the road and the companies that are driving the oversized loads. The burden shouldn’t be put on the township.

Why bother?

Why do we have jury trials with jury verdicts when years down the road some judge can reverse the decision, like this guy who killed the deputies in Bradford County? I wonder how much this guy was paid, bought for?

Two cents on Sayre SD

I love how everyone is so up in arms about the Sayre teachers being furloughed. However, during the meetings, did anyone question how to pay the bill, the pension plans, the healthcare for all these associates in order to keep them on board? No, everyone just thinks the money flows in so teachers can keep jobs. That’s not the way the world works. Further, I love the moronic concept of laying off those with the least seniority. God forbid we keep the best teachers with the best performance rather than look towards seniority. Way to go unions, you really screwed everything up.

End the archaic tradition

Those inane donkey basketball games should be outlawed. Same goes for rattlesnake hunts, circus animal acts and boiling live lobsters.

Fool me once....

Here we go again. Another attempt by the gas and oil industry to have photo ops in our local newspapers with big novelty checks trying to suck up to the people in the area and promises that will never happen.

Slow, not GO!

Once again the Cargill plant in Wyalusing needs to remind their cattle truck drivers going to and leaving their plant to slow down on Route 706, Taylor Avenue and Third Street. they’re going way past the 25 MPH speed limit zone.

Different skills

Why is there such an obsession with Trump playing golf? At least he can walk and chew gum at the same time unlike Obama.

Score for the NRA

There are two more notches in the gun belt of the NRA. Teacher Karen Elaine Smith and 8-year-old student Jonathan Martinez shot dead in San Bernardino. A 9-year-old is wounded and how many children and their parents are traumatized. But way to go, NRA, who supports guns in any hands no matter their mental state. Rest in peace NRA and the politicians who take their money.


As April 15 rolls around, all Americans are yet again reminded that our windbag in chief still hasn’t released his taxes. Is it actually an incredibly long audit or is it a long, long money trail back to Mr. Putin and a smoking gun to a fixed election?

What are we?

Many people voted for Donald Trump because he’s always been a non-interventionist, and Hillary’s always been seen as a war hawk. Trump repeatedly warned President Obama against interfering in the Syrian civil war, even if Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. He said bombing Syria would be a big mistake. ISIS is trying to overthrow the Assad government. We are, too. Does that make us allies?

Between you and me

Sabre rattling must be exhausting. Donald Trump is off to a long weekend at Mar-a-Lago. His approval rating ticked up a point following his week of military action. Let’s hope nobody tells him that, or he doesn’t make the connection himself.

Budgeting air blasts

So, the MOAB cost $300 million, throw another million in for transport and delivery, and the net result is 36 ISIS killed. It would have been cheaper than the $834,000 per fighter killed if we just paid them to commit suicide and send the money to their families.

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