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Tax rise could be on the horizon with TASD budget


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TROY — Local residents could see a tax increase upon the final passage of Troy Area School District’s budget for the 2017-2018 school year.

The preliminary final budget was approved Tuesday night, starting a 30-day public review period that will end with a final vote at the board meeting in June. If passed, the final budget will bring a tax increase in line with the district’s Act 1 index of 3.4 percent. With this, taxes would heighten from last year’s 40.18 to 41.55 mills and bring in an added $226,505 in revenues for the district.

Spending within the budget proposal is estimated at $24,605,177 with revenues set to be around $23,966,146, showing a proposed deficit of $639,000, which will be covered by reserves. State sources contribute the most to revenues with an estimated $14,900,000 followed by local sources at $8,492,380 and federal at $552,644.

The largest area of expenditures in the budget settles in instruction costs, taking up $13,949,117 of the total estimate. The elementary and secondary regular programs alone account for $9,883,990. Within that, the biggest portion would be spent on personal service salaries with a rounded $5,079,200.

The budget also designates $106,009 toward the Troy Area School District flooring project in the Intermediate School and Commons Building.

TASD Business Manager Traci Gilliland highlighted the proposed budget’s designated contingency.

“What I did this year was made more of our tuition fee right in line where I think it will be,” Gilliland explained. The contingency will be used to cover any unanticipated object replacements or transportation costs.

“Overall you’ve got to remember it’s probably less than a half a percentage of our overall budget,” she added.

The budget would include a total estimated ending, committed, assigned, and unassigned fund balance and budgetary reserve of $5,108,617 for the fiscal year.

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