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Sound Off, June 19, 2017

Government aid required

The people who call in to complain about school taxes should take the time to read the articles printed in the newspaper about the financial difficulties facing the states’ public schools. Even with the highest tax increases allowed by law, the school districts are millions of dollars in the hole each year because of the unfunded mandates imposed by the state. The solution is NOT further cuts to staff and programs. The solution is for Harrisburg to fund schools by means other than property taxes.

Part of the problem

Tina Pickett and her colleagues are not part of the solution to our school funding problems. The governor has a school funding tax plan that shifts the tax burden off property owners and places it on income and sales taxes, where it was supposed to have been all along. The measures put forth by Governor Wolf are opposed by Ms. Pickett and her Republican majority, who have no alternative plan in mind. So, expect your property taxes to continue increase yearly.

Don’t play ostrich

Shutting off political discussion in “Sound Off” is a bad idea. Our country’s in a mess. We have a ton of guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t even be allowed to own pea shooters and a government bent on destroying the middle class while further cutting taxes on the richest of the rich. Armed and oppressed is a bad combination. There’s a storm coming and burying your head in the sand won’t help.

RE: Reap what you sow

It was Hillary Clinton that paid protesters to heckle Mr. Trump at his campaign rallies. I think you have things backwards. This person was at Bernie Sanders rallies. Whatever the reason, it was Republicans he was shooting at. The Democrats cant handle defeat and have obstructed everything President Trump has tried to achieve. We need unity to make America great again. Does anyone remember this quote? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Behind closed doors

All of this secrecy behind closed doors with the Republicans determined to get rid of Obamaca. Why shouldn’t the average citizen who’s going to be affected any changes be involved in this process instead of behind closed doors with all the secrecy? But they keep saying don’t worry they’re going to keep parts of Obamacare like previous health conditions are covered. So why are they changing it at all? The old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” should be tattooed on their heads.

Bystanders begone

In regards to the workers on the state highway road project on Route 6 standing around, my comment is, you have seven people standing around one day, six another day, everyday I went by you had people standing. There were approximately three people working. The standers around are making high wages. I didn’t get paid for standing around. I had to work.

Let us go

Towanda has a street-sweeping machine that does the Towanda bridge so why is it that PennDOT has to be out there tying up traffic, causing traffic jams, out with hoses washing the bridge down. PennDOT, you have the state of Pennsylvania under siege with your overpaid pensions and your lousy work ethics. You repair roads that don’t need repairing, and your tar and chip only chips peoples vehicles and crack peoples windshields. You’re unable to fix potholes. I could go on and on and on, but you hold this state under siege.

Fat checks

I read in the newspaper, June 17, on Saturday, about the impact fees. Well that’s great for the county and municipal governments, gonna receive a fat check in July, but what about the land owners with leases? Are they going to receive a fat check, too? We don’t even get our 12 percent. I doubt we’ll get a fat check in July.

Shocker ... not!

I read about the school taxes going up. That’s no surprise. They go up every year. How much are they going to go up next year because they do not want to touch the fund they have? Thanks, Doreen. Just keep raising the taxes and more people are going to be moving out, because the young people are not going to stay.

Don’t deny

Recent Sound Off comments reveal that the Democrats, the left, the resistors, are still in denial that their heated rhetoric was an influence on the assassination of Republican lawmakers by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Sound Off doesn’t threaten our country, but the fact that people want to be known as resistors is more detrimental. Then a day later, Nancy Pelosi, the pride of the Democrats, was at it again. Trump supporters are only becoming stronger. Make America great again.

Where am I again?

For the caller to sound off about harvesting roadkill deer, remember this isn’t Alaska. This is Bradford County. Where do some of these ideas come from? More handouts? Oh wait, this is Bradford County.

Obama’s lies

I wonder why Obama gets a different playing field than President Trump. What is it with these liberals that they close their eyes to obamas lies? Don’t give me that BS that he didn’t lie.

Start of the resistance

When President Trump responded to Hillary’s missing emails by saying “Hey, Russia, if you’re hacking, maybe you could find Hillary’s missing emails, it would make the president real happy,” everyone with the sense God gave a goose knew it was a joke, but the liberals could not grasp it. That is when it all began.

Private parking

With all this discussion about parking, one of the most popular places is really a private area to park is the First United Methodist Church of Towanda. It’s really a private parking lot but everyone uses it. The Bradford County Commissioners have leased out eight spots, and a lawyer’s office. But everyone else is not supposed to be parking there. And many times I’ve tried to park there for something to do at the church, well you can’t find it because it’s all packed up.

Problem solved

I’m just calling in to say that if you’re having trouble finding parking to shop at Ben Franklin’s go on Saturday between 1 and 2. There was no cars on either side of the road for about two blocks.

Stop the bullying

Our beautiful first lady, Melania, and first son, Baron, have just moved into the White House. Stop the bullying. Make America great again.

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