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North Penn-Liberty's Doney All-Region softball Player of the Year

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North Penn-Liberty knew this year they could do something special.

And behind pitcher Savanah Doney, they did.

Doney led the Mountaineers further than they have ever been, second in the district and a state berth.

She hit .545 with 28-RBI, while in the circle she was 17-6 with a 1.49 ERA and 124 strikeouts.

That's why Doney is this year's The Daily and Sunday Review All-Region softball Player of the Year.

A familiar face is the Pitcher of the Year in Wellsboro's Alyssa Yungwirth. Yungwirth was 16-2 this year as she led the Hornets to an NTL title. She had a 2.03 ERA with 178 strikeouts.

Notre Dame's Courteney Crater his over .500 to lead the Crusaders to their third straight Section IV title. She is this year's Silver Slugger.

NEB's Morgan Post came on late to help the Panthers clinch an NTL title and a District IV title to earn the Newcomer of the Year.

Her coach Gary Hennip is the Coach of the Year for his team's success.

Waverly catcher Zoe Mennig is the Defensive Player of the Year for her play behind the plate.

Athens' Emma Adams is the Most Versatile thanks to her play all over the field. She hit .480 while also recording seven steals.

The first team consists of Doney, Yungwirth, Adams, Williamson's Kendra Colegrove, Wyalusing's Kyleigh Ward, NEB's Gabby Slater and Annie Williams, Canton's Brooke Ward, Athens' Aubrey Allen, Wellsboro's Sydney Tremper, NP-Liberty's Jillian Berguson, Notre Dame's Mackenzie Maloney, Izzy Milazzo and Crater, Waverly's Wendi Hammond and Shailei Kraft, Tioga's Mariah Culver and Sullivan County's Bethany Weinhardt.

The second team is made up of NEB's Katie Boardman and McKenna Wheaton, NP-Liberty's Brooke Harvey and Carmen Bates, Williamson's Makayla Butz, Wyalusing's Melody Kneller, Towanda's Madi Doss, CV's Madi Lee, Notre Dame's Ally Wichtowski and Mackenzie Mahajan, Mennig, Tioga's Madalyn Dydynski and Marissa Howe, Sayre's Domi Woodruff, Canton's Evelyn Katona and Sullivan County's Quincy Fry and Kassandra Houseknecht.

The third team consists of Canton's Hannah Gilliland, Towanda's Justine Vargason, Sayre's Kate Cron and Kaitlynn McCarter, Wyalusing's Autumn Dietz, Notre Dame's Maura Glovins, Waverly's Riley Hall, Wellsboro's Kailee Clymer, Tioga's Sarah Hollenbeck and Megan Godfrey, NP-Mansfield's Lauren Smith, NEB's Megan Brown, Towanda's Larisa Terry, Wyalusing's Kristie Epler, CV's Karmen Short, Wellsboro's Bri Keane and Troy's Gabby Cory.

The All-Rookie team is made up of Post, Wellsboro's Cathryn Brought, Athens' Megan Bennett, Mimi Martin and Haley Barry, Notre Dame's Taylor VanDine, Towanda's Gabby Larcom and Hannah Chandler, Wellsboro's Ryann Adams and Rileigh Gerges, Sullivan County's Jess King and Madison Burke, NEB's Lindsay Moore, Troy's Riley McClellan, Waverly's Riley Hall, Tioga's Kelsey Vosburgh and Williamson's Emylee Yusko.

The gold glove winners are Mennig (C), Boardman (1B), Kraft (SS), Doss (2B), Maloney (3B), NEB's Taya Howell (OF), Troy's Nicole Spalding (OF), North Penn-Liberty's Abby Heatley (OF) and Adams (P).

The 2017 Daily and Sunday Review All-Region Softball

POY: Savanah Doney, Liberty

Pitcher of the year: Alyssa Yungwirth, Wellsboro

Silver Slugger (Hitter of the Year): Courteney Crater, ND

Newcomer of the year: Morgan Post, NEB

Coach of the Year: Gary Hennip, NEB

Defensive POY: Zoe Mennig, Waverly

Most versatile: Emma Adams, Athens

First team

Savanah Doney, NP-Liberty

Alyssa Yungwirth, Wellsboro

Kendra Colegrove, Williamson

Kyleigh Ward, Wyalusing

Gabby Slater, NEB

Annie Williams, NEB

Emma Adams, Athens

Brooke Ward, Canton

Aubrey Allen, Athens

Sydney Tremper, Wellsboro

Jillian Berguson, NP-Liberty

Mackenzie Maloney, ND

Izzy Milazzo, ND

Courteney Crater, ND

Wendi Hammond, Waverly

Shailei Kraft, Waverly

Mariah Culver, Tioga

Bethany Weinhardt, Sullivan County

Second team

Katie Boardman, NEB

Broke Harvey, NP-Liberty

Carmen Bates, NP-Liberty

Makayla Butz, Williamson

Melody Kneller, Wyalusing

Madi Doss, Towanda

Madi Lee, CV

McKenna Wheaton, NEB

Ally Wichtowski, ND

Mackenzie Mahajan, ND

Zoe Mennig, Waverly

Madalyn Dydynski, Tioga

Marissas Howe, Tioga

Domi Woodruff, Sayre

Quincy Fry, Sullivan County

Kassandra Houseknecht, Sullivan County

Evelyn Katona, Canton

Third team

Hannah Gilliland, Canton

Justine Vargason, Towanda

Kate Cron, Sayre

Kaitlynn McCarter, Sayre

Autumn Dietz, Wyalusing

Maura Glovins, ND

Riley Hall, Waverly

Kailee Clymer, Wellsboro

Sarah Hollenbeck, Tioga

Megan Godfrey ,Tioga

Lauren Smith, NP-Mansfield

Megan Brown, NEB

Larisa Terry, Towanda

Kristie Epler, Wyalusing

Karmen Short, CV

Bri Keane, Wellsboro

Gabby Cory, Troy

Rookie Team

Morgan Post, NEB

Cathryn Brought, Wellsboro

Megan Bennett, Athens

Haley Barry, Athens

Taylor VanDine, ND

Mimi Martin, Athens

Gabby Larcom, Towanda

Hannah Chandler, Towanda

Ryann Adams, Wellsboro

Rileigh Gerges, Wellsboro

Jess King, Sullivan County

Madison Burke, Sullivan County

Maddy Valoroso, Wyalusing

Lindsay Moore, NEB

Riley McClellan, Troy

Riley Hall, Waverly

Kelsey Vosburgh, Tioga

Emylee Yusko, Williamson


C: Zoe Mennig, Waverly

1B: Katie Boardman, NEB

SS: Shailei Kraft, Waverly

2B: Madi Doss, Towanda

3B: Mackenzie Maloney, ND

OF: Taya Howell, NEB

OF: Nicole Spalding, Troy

OF: Abby Heatley, NPL

P: Emma Adams, Athens

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