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Canton Borough welcomes two, honors one


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CANTON — Canton Borough welcomed new staff members and celebrated a faithful veteran on Monday. With fresh faces coming in both within the borough council and to the code compliance officer position, original perspective is bound to be on its way into town.

After public interviews with four potential candidates, Michael Shultz was selected to fill the shoes of recently resigned councilman Alfonso Ciaccio Jr. Shultz ran during this year’s primary election and will now be taking on the role as a member of the police department’s committee as well as the code/library committee.

During the interview, Shultz was asked what his immediate focus would be if selected councilman and shared a vision of area outreach. “I think we need more community events that surround our youth outside of the school, rather it’s more block parties that focuses more on the youth, to get them involved here in town,” he stated.

Shultz also shared his stance on taxes and said raises should be “based on the need.”

“If we don’t need the taxes raised than we shouldn’t be,” he commented, “however, though, we do have to look at the future and understand that prices of everything are going to go up eventually, therefore taxes are going to have to at some point anyways.”

Joining Shultz as a new recruit to the team of Canton officials is Daniel Brokaw as Codes Compliance Officer. After the decision to hire Brokaw was finalized, Borough Council President Darryl Jannone directed him, “We’re a small town, I don’t believe in nickel and diming our own folks, I also don’t believe in muscling our own folks. So I would expect you use a polite, professional approach to initiate behavior modification verbally initially.” Jannone continued, “If you run into a situation where you need additional support, you notify the chairperson and the council will support you; but at no time will you get involved in a confrontation, whether it’s a physical or verbal, with any one of our residents.”

Adding a brush of seniority to the night’s newcomers, Janonne honored Amy Seeley for her near two-decade-long responsibility as Borough Secretary. “I just want a special thanks to Mrs. Seeley for her 17 years of service,” he said. “She does an excellent job, knows the inside and outside of every ordinance that makes our borough happen. She helps make Canton a better place to live and work, and 17 years of service to our community deserves some respect.”

As Canton weaves together fresh hands working in town with the tried and true efforts of veteran members, the town both welcomes residents with a desire to be more involved and sets precedent for appreciation of long term servers.

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