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Wysox Township supervisors discuss proposed ordinances


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WYSOX TOWNSHIP — At their meeting this week, the Wysox Township supervisors discussed two proposed ordinances, one to regulate door-to-door peddling and another that would require that private property be maintained to certain standards, and also accepted a New York state company’s $168,842 bid to do road work in the township.

At the beginning of the meeting, the president of Wysox Emergency Medical Services and a Standing Stone Township resident asked the Wysox Township supervisors to increase their financial support of Wysox EMS.

“Our two ambulances are getting up in age,” Wysox EMS President Gary Parks told the supervisors. One of the ambulances was built in 1998 and the other is a 2009 model, he said.

Parks asked the supervisors to help the ambulance service the way it did the fire company a couple of years ago.

Standing Stone Township resident Don Martin noted that the supervisors had made a $100,000 donation to the fire company in January 2016, while in the same time period, Wysox EMS received only a $3,500 donation from the township.

While the fire company is “in the business of saving (buildings), Wysox EMS is in the business of saving lives,” Martin said, adding that he would like to see the township increase its financial support for the ambulance service.

Parks and Martin made their comments during the “visitors comments” portion of the meeting. The supervisors did not make any statements at the meeting as to whether they would increase their financial support for the ambulance service.

Property maintenance

When asked by a reporter whether the township was addressing conditions at Jackson’s Trailer Court, where large potholes and piles of garbage have been observed, township Manager Jon Kulick replied he has seen large potholes at the trailer court recently.

However, township Supervisor Evan Barnes and township Solicitor Jonathan Foster Sr. said there is nothing the township can do to address those problems without a property maintenance ordinance in place.

The Wysox Township Planning Commission has recommended that the township supervisors adopt a property maintenance ordinance, and Foster said he is working to finalize the language in the proposed ordinance.

The property maintenance ordinance will be ready for the township supervisors to act on at their next meeting, township officials said.

If the supervisors decide to pass the ordinance, their first step would be to vote to make the proposed ordinance available for public review.

After the public review period, the supervisors would vote to adopt it.

In an interview on Friday, Amanda Maddox, the manager of Jackson’s Trailer Park, said that the residents of the trailer park are supposed to set their trash out at the edge of the road to be picked up by Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority, but some of them are instead tossing their trash in the park’s Dumpster, which they are not supposed to do, and even next to the Dumpster when it fills up.

That is why there is trash littered outside the Dumpster, she said. In addition, the park has a problem of bears that get into the Dumpster and the trash next to the Dumpster, which makes more of a mess. The Dumpster is to be used by the park’s management only, and is where it disposes of trash when cleaning around the trailer park, Maddox said.

“Unfortunately, not everyone is following the rules and regulations” that bar residents from depositing their trash in or next to the Dumpster, she said.

She said that the trailer park replaced its Dumpster on Friday with an unfilled one, and all of the trash next to the Dumpster has been picked up.

Maddox said that the potholes are not her responsibility and she referred questions about the potholes to Eastern Property Management of Manheim, Pa., which owns the trailer park.

Eastern Property Management did not immediately return a phone call from The Daily Review seeking comment.

Peddlers ordinance

The township is working on drafting an ordinance that would regulate commercial door-to-door peddling.

Such businesses would be required to obtain a license from the township, and the ordinance would regulate the hours they could go door-to-door, Foster said.

The ordinance would help to protect township residents from scam artists, he said.

Residents would be able to ask to see the license of any door-to-door peddler, he said.

There would be exceptions to the ordinance carved out for various groups, so that they would not be regulated by the ordinance, such as the Girl Scouts, the local Little League, political campaigns, and religious groups, Foster said. These exceptions would ensure that the ordinance does not violate the U.S. Constitution, he said.

The supervisors plan to take action on the peddler’s ordinance at their next meeting.

Road maintenance

The supervisors opened the sole bid that had been submitted to do road maintenance work this summer in the township.

The bid, which was for $168,842, was submitted by Vestal Asphalt Inc.

Bill Them, chairman of the Wysox Township supervisors, said he was pleased with Vestal Asphalt’s bid. “I thought it would be higher,” he said.

The supervisors voted to accept Vestal Asphalt’s bid, contingent on the township solicitor reviewing the bid and making sure that all aspects of the bid are in order.

The work will take place on various roads, including Claverack, Pond Hill, Old Sawmill, Red Rock, Hollenback, and Fall Run roads, Hillside Drive, and Old Route 6, and will include road maintenance work such as tar-and-chipping and crack sealing.

The township will pay Vestal Asphalt using $106,000 from the township’s liquid fuels fund, with the rest of the money coming from the township’s capital reserve fund for roads, buildings and equipment.

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