2017-07-15 / Sound Off

Sound Off, July 15, 2017

Not His intention

Please leave the turtles and rattlesnakes alone. Think about how uncomfortable and frightened they must be, being taken from their natural habitats to be used for inane human amusement. I don’t believe the great Creator had that intention for them.

Wonderful news

I read your article today (July 13) about the world race of the young lady named Jessica from Herrickville. What a wonderful story. It sounds like she really enjoyed herself and she got to see the world. What a wonderful birthday present for turning 30 years old. So nice to hear a nice story be put in the paper. God bless her.

River views

I agree with the person that said the trees and brush on the riverbank along the Susquehanna should be trimmed. I drove up the parkway, some of the benches are just facing trees. I bet they’d like a view of the river. Get some of these hoodlums, kids are walking the streets. Let them trim the brush. It would give them something to do and get them off the streets.

Big brush problems

Another place the brush needs to be trimmed is along the Wysox narrows. It’s a beautiful view of the river and the surrounding flatlands across the river. All the trees are growing up. The state highway workers where there are three standing one working, the other three could be trimming brush.

Post office problems

I agree with the person that called in about the Towanda Post Office being an eyesore. When you come into town it sure doesn’t look too good. And where’s their handicap access? Most of the people come over to the Wysox Post Office because they don’t want to do the steps in Towanda. Please improve the building.

Awww c’mon

The Towanda Post Office has looked so bad for so long, why would anyone bother to walk in . . . again . . . to ask if and when it will be made to look better? If the P.O. were going to be renovated in this year or decade, effort surely would be made to inform the public. The Ulster Post Office may not be very attractive, but it doesn’t need to be because it isn’t in the county seat and serves a less showy area.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I was just reading the Showcase of Fine Homes and the church that Athens (Area School District) just paid $300,000 for is on sale in the paper for $100,000. Now, there’s no wonder that Athens has all kinds of problems with the management that they have there now. I don’t know how anybody can be that stupid.

Wally the intern says: Thanks for submitting this. Our story in Friday’s edition was prompted after we first received this comment.

Poor judgment

Thank you Athens School Board for another poor judgment — buying an over priced building and in the flood area at that. These folks need to be reigned in. No wonder folks are having to put their places up for sale — we’re taxed to death.

Caring and understanding

For people who are not alarmed about Trump and his nefarious dealings with Russia, don’t you understand or is it because you don’t care? Well the next time you read about Trump and his family in Russia, substitute the word Iran for Russia. Or better yet, substitute Obama for Trump with Russia. Then the conservative bells and whistles go off big time, and you’ll care and understand.

Two questions:

1. Did the County Commissioners ever consider contacting the Rails-to-Trails organization about developing the planned bike-walking trail instead of spending $20,000 to hire a company that has no expertise in this area? 2. Did the Wysox Township Supervisors consider either the vacant Sears or the M&T Bank buildings for their township building instead of constructing at the fire hall? Either one would be more suitable.

Hunting season

Donald Trump may be correct that there’s a “witch-hunt” going on in Washington. But in my lifetime we’ve never had a witch more deserving of a good hunt than we do right now.

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