2017-07-16 / Sound Off

Sound Off, July 16, 2017

Blame Trump

Democrats trying to blame Trump for the land Bush, Obama and CIA lost to Putin.

Behind closed doors

I have had my health insurance through ACA Marketplace since April 2014. All mail and phone correspondence is from the state of Kentucky. With the GOP trying to repeal ACA and Senate Majority leader Senator is from Kentucky, tell me how and why this government office is in, and has been since inception of ACA in this state? Perhaps politics makes strange bed partners.

E is for ethics

When Donald Trump Jr. was offered derogatory information on Hillary Clinton by an agent of a government that is hostile to the U.S., he had only one course of action that was both legal and ethical. Call the FBI and report it immediately. The problem is that nobody in the Trump family understands the concept of ethics, and it’s become evident they don’t care much about legal either.

I told you so

I’m guessing that my friends who admitted they were voting for Donald Trump are getting REAL tired of hearing me say, “I told you so,” and “well, you wouldn’t listen.” At least I hope they are. No candidate in history ever tried harder to prove that he wasn’t fit to be president, and way too many people ignored it.

Choosing the right one

How do I pick a news station? MSNBC is far left, but they’re not going to lie to you. But you’ll only see left leaning positions and support for those positions. Fox News will give you lots of news about everything — everything except the dumpster fire in Washington. And they will straight-faced lie to you, and never apologize or correct the record. They sued for the right to lie on the air while calling it news, and by gum they’re going to exercise that right!

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