2017-08-13 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Aug. 13, 2017

What’s up, Wysox?

Wysox Township, why was money wasted on the hardtop section of Fall Run Road and the deteriorated, neglected section left untouched again? We pay our taxes, too.

Disastrous decision making?

I travel Fall Run Road in Wysox every day. Why didn’t the township fix the torn up, rutted section, especially the hill? Who makes these decisions?

Pay attention, parents

I travel through the county and other places, and I see people with kids trying to cross streets and roads where there’s no crosswalk in between parked cars and a lot of times there’s a crosswalk a few feet away. They got their nose in their phone, not even paying attention to where the kids are at.

Beware of buttheads

These jerks who leave their kids and pets in hot, parked vehicles, get your heads out of your butt and pay attention to your life.


It’s really great to see that an old tradition of the Wyalusing Fireman’s Parade and Carnival is still going on, even, on a sad note, without Mr. Wayne Felter being here. God rest his soul.

But at what cost?

The Troy School District track project should be scrapped. It is unnecessary and will cost too much. I don’t want my school taxes to increase again.

Baaa, baaa, Bedminster

Want to get your property taxes lowered? Do what Trump does. For 19 years, he’s been involved in 98 lawsuits with towns over his golf courses suing to get taxes on his courses lowered. At Bedminster, where he’s out on the lakes this week for a “working vacation,” he has a successful tax credit because there is a pen of eight goats for “agricultural use.”

The secret’s out!

I know Donald Trump’s solution to global warming: Move north. Sad.

Spot the difference

What do Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent have in common? They were all draft-dodgers during the Vietnam war.

Say it again for the folks in the back

I’d like to know where to get these special parking permits at these fire zones at the local malls where I can park my vehicle in front of a business and put pedestrians at risk to walk around my vehicle. I see the law isn’t being enforced. And maybe rather than put an extravagant roof on our courthouse, which really didn’t need that extravagant roof, we could pay our police department a little extra, that is if Towanda does have a police department to enforce this — no parking in the fire zone.

Open your eyes and see

You come in from Wysox, you got these really beautiful, nice, clean American flags flying in the breeze; you got these beautiful flowers that are in bloom all the way across the bridge, you come into town and there’s this absolutely gorgeous, brand new macadam — it feels like you’re driving on a cloud. Even when you’re going up York Avenue all of the manhole covers are fixed, you’re not getting your teeth jarred out, it’s absolutely awesome. And yet people complain all the time about stuff. You need to open up your eyes and see how awesome this place really is. It’s absolutely gorgeous people, wake up.

Remaining resistors

Comments in Sound Off are disheartening. These uninformed resistors seem to think all their negative “I don’t like America” comments are going to deter the agenda of our President Trump. Look back at eight years of “change America” by Barack Hussein Obama. Trump supporters are still strong. Make America great again.

Tip your waiters

Hats off to the Athens boys’ soccer team for the good breakfast served at Applebees this past Saturday morning. They did a tremendous job.

No excuse

I’m calling in about the Hoyt girl that tried to kill her 8-month-old baby. I think the law needs to throw the book at her and she should not be allowed to ever have that child again or any more children. What was she doing with this child for eight months? It’s disgusting. And people post on Facebook, “What about her mental capacity? Maybe she had a rough childhood.” I had a crappy childhood, too, but I didn’t decide to go kill my child or kill anybody else’s child.

Waste not, want not

Wysox Township is going to take good money, spend it to make a park out of a boat launch in a flood plain without a way to easily access the area. Wysox has not even kept up the Beers sanctuary, which was a wonderful idea. Why waste township money on such a foolish plan?

¿Dondé está Venezuela?

Venezuela is safe. Trump doesn’t know where it is. In fact, nobody in the Trump family knows. Make America Great Again.

What a wonderful welcome

Kudos to the Towanda Rotary for the beautiful bridge flowers. What a nice welcome to Towanda.

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