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Picnics and politics

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Annual Friends of Tina Pickett Barbecue held


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ROME — Statewide judge elections, and the partnership of state and local government were high priority to State Representative Tina Pickett during the Friends of Tina Pickett Barbecue on Saturday.

The 16th annual barbecue welcomed all from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday at the farm of Tom and Diane Elliott in Rome. Classic picnic cuisine, country music, wine and beer greeted guests as they gathered in a friendly atmosphere to discuss rural-specific politics.

The Elliots have volunteered their personal family farm for the event as a way to “showcase state activities and state political activities with rural values,” explained Representative Pickett.

She continued, “they wanted to do it on their farm, they wanted to talk about and initiate all of us with the understanding of what rural districts need versus more urban districts. That’s always been their emphasis.”

Hot on the mind of Representative Pickett was the importance of a teamwork status within state and local government. She highlighted the effects each branch has on one another, striking key points in the areas of budgets and legislative issues and calling for a “hand-in-hand” front in moving forward.

Representative Pickett also elaborated on the importance of election years, even ones that do not involve presidential elections, and encouraged citizens to learn more about judge candidates through state committee websites.

“Every year, the election is important and it’s important to everybody that could and should be voting, so this year it’s about statewide judges; very, very important and I know, as a legislator, that we can write a law, we can put it in place, the governor can sign it, and somebody’s going to challenge it in court and the judges are going to get a final say on that law, whether it stands or it doesn’t stand,” she stated. “So the judges are very important to people, and people really need to get some sort of an understanding of who’s running before they head to those polls in November.”

Even with a breeze of politics in the air, the Friends of Tina Pickett Barbecue supplied a relaxed way for Bradford County voters to enjoy one another’s company and converse without formal political tension.

“It’s really great, I think, on a summer occasion like this to bring people together and to get them to think about the importance of our freedoms and our country and to just understand that we all need to work together to make it better,” Representative Pickett shared.

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