2017-08-16 / Sound Off

Sound Off, Aug. 16, 2017

A few good things

Here’s a list of summer good things in Towanda: Rotary Club’s flowers along the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge; newly paved streets by the borough; a new mail drop box at the main post office!

Wondering about road work

How does the company doing the bridge replacement on 17C in Waverly stretch out a six month job to a year-and-a-half and counting? Somebody is making money with this at the expense of drivers!

Why the difference?

Isn’t it just Dandy the Northern Tier always pays more than the rest of PA for gas!! $2.36 gallon in the city of Harrisburg, $2.59 in Sayre (www.pennsylvaniagaspries.com) as of 8/13/2017. Time to bring back antitrust suits to bust the monopolies!

Wally the intern says: Some of the pricing could also be due to the suppliers and alleged zone pricing practices. After all, there are a few different local distributors whose prices hover around the same area.

The real crooks

We hear you Trump supporters — but fighting with everybody for crumbs still leaves you with crumbs! We need to take back from the REAL crooks like the multinational corporations, big pharma, oil companies and the like!

Can’t take it

I really don’t need to hear your comments from Wally the intern or your newspaper’s view of things. You’re opening it up to the public to get their opinion, not a rebuttal from you. Knock it off!

Wally the intern says: We can’t let Sound Off go unfiltered or let some statements go unchallenged, especially when people have the luxury of anonymity to criticize those in the public eye. If you want a Wally-free forum, you are more than welcome to sign your name to a letter to the editor.

A good sign

It’s good to see corporate CEOs fleeing Trump’s advisory council following his poor response to the Virginia murder of an anti-fascist protester. Trump’s initial statement was poor because he tried to give the Nazis a pass by spreading the blame around. When he finally was forced to confront reality, he was half-hearted in doing so, and you could tell his heart wasn’t in it. Lame response from a president who just doesn’t “get it.”

This just in

NEW REPORT: SORRY DEMS, THERE WAS NO “RUSSIAN HACK” — IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB. If you wandered into any left-leaning blogs, forums, or fake news sites over the course of the last year, you were likely to see a paragraph that looked like this: “Russia. Russia. Putin. Russia, Putin, Russia. Evil Trump. Racism, hate and bigotry. Russia, Trump supporters almost as evil as Trump. Hillary was beat because of Russia, blah, blah, blah.” Now what/who are the Democrats going to blame for their resounding defeat?

Shame shame

Shame on you Daily Review for printing the name and photo of a 17-year-old who is in serious trouble. There is no reproductive justice in Bradford County, and no Planned Parenthood to help young girls in her situation. Forced childbirth harms everyone involved for years. We do not know how the endangered infant was conceived or the circumstances of the birth. It usually takes a father and a mother even though many “virgin” births are announced in your paper weekly. Until you have walked in the child/mother’s shoes do not be quick to condemn her.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy 82nd birthday Social Security!! President Franklin Roosevelt signed the law 08/14/1935. Thank God for Mr. Roosevelt and the Democrats ... nuff said.

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